September Dogs Schedule~Some Updates for 2020-2021!
A Message from all of us...

Hello all you fabulous people!  Waaazzzzuuppp?! All good things! 

News on the band front ~ We have been busy in the studio, adding new songs. Long overdue and feels fantastic!! Fresh material. Yes yes, we're keeping everything we currently do, but it's nice to have new songs to play! We recently discovered that BOTH our bass player , Chris Dryden, and our drummer, Rich Elkins, can sing! OH! Even MORE options!

On another note, keeping fingers crossed the November scheduling of Leesburg Bikefest is on course!! 

Check our calendar!  2021 is full of shows for you to attend!! Show us your lovely faces!

We miss you all and ask  you to please support local music, and the venues that support those musicians. Support your local small businesses as well. Hold each other up and your community. Respect one another. Peace and much love. 

                                                                                             ~ September Dogs

Sunday 4th of July @ Puddle Jumpers, Tavares

Rock on Mutha Fuckas

Celebrate the 4th of July with us @ Puddle Jumpers, downtown Tavares!                   Right on the lake, it's a perfect spot to watch the fireworks display.                                Join us for a fabulous 4th! September Dogs 5-9pm. Fireworks @ 9:30! 

Sat, July 10th - First & Last Tab, Ocala

 F&LT is a fabulous neighborhood bar, good food, amazing staff, great drinks! Pool, darts, and live music! F&LT is a huge supporter of live music! Keeping it real and alive! So get out and show this place some love!  September Dogs 9pm-1am We Love this Bar!!

Sat, July 16th - Frank's Place, Leesburg

Franks Place. Friday night - Full bar, food, fresh air, Live rock! 

8pm - midnight

Sat, July 24th - Tanner's, WinterHaven

Tanner's on the Lake - fabulous venue, full bar, great food, waterfront view and live music. Come join us! 7-10pm Gonna be a great time!!


Check the Calendar!!