September Dogs Schedule~Some Updates for 2021-2022!
A Message from all of us...

Hello You lovely people!! Where has the year gone?  Thanksgiving, Christmas all right around the corner!! New Years Eve is only two months away - on the brink of 2022!! 

Leesburg Bike Fest!!!

Veni, Vidi, Vici!!  hahahaha.....really, we just played our hearts out!! LOVE YOU ALL

On another note check out Chrome Plated Heart ! It's our Melissa Etheridge Tribute band. We have a show at the Hard Rock Hotel, Daytona Beach, March 11th - Hard Rock's "Rock the Beach Concerts" ! 

We miss you all and ask  you to please support local music, and the venues that support those musicians. Support your local small businesses as well. Hold each other up and your community. Respect one another. Peace and much love. 

                                                                                             ~ September Dogs

Fri. Nov 5th- County Line Smokehose & Spirits

Rock on Mutha Fuckas

September Dogs in the hosue! Been forever since we've been in this part of town. Heard the food is outstanding! Full bar, pool tables, and live music with us. 8pm- midnight!

Saturday, November 6th - Hard Rock Hotel, Daytona Bch

September Dogs  on the beach - Hard Rock Hotel.   Come on out, live music under the stars.  Full bar, incredible staff, dine and drink oceanside.  8-11pm

Rock and Roll disease.jpg
Saturday, Nov 13th @ The Swamp 3:30-7pm
Sunday, Nov 14th @ Franks Place 4-8pm

Everyone is excited that Leesburg Bike Fest is ON!! Covid 19 shut it down in 2019, and while several attempts were made to reschedule this event, it continued to get delayed. Well, the time has come!! IT's ON!  Slightly smaller, opening on Friday instead of Thursday, it's still a long over due event and people are chomping at the bit!! .  Come on out and support the partnership, the venues, the bands, live music!! Drink, eat, be merry...LOL.

Friday December 3rd - Crossroads 44, Eustis 9-1am

9K9 is back in Eustis, our backyard. Crossroads 44 - pool tables, full bar, live music, always.  Support live music Support live music venues. September Dogs 9pm -1 am

Saturday, December 4th Acoustic Trio @ Amvets, Eustis

September Dogs/Chasing Alice - acoustic three piece - playing the first time @ Anvets , Eustis. Full bar, and I hear the food is mazing!  We'll be playing form 6-9pm Join us!

Sunday, December 5th - Celebration of Life - 1pm

This day and event will be a celebration of life for Joey Gerrie. No, we aren't playing, but sharing on our site because Joey was a dear friend, a talented musician, an amazing sound man that mixed for everyone, local acts , national acts. He always offered a lending hand, a kind word, and sage advice when asked, and sometime just out of the kindness of his heart. He is/was very special to us and we will be there for his loved ones , family and friends Event will be at POST TIME LOUNGE, LONFGWOOD 


Check the Calendar!!