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show dates - 2023

Live Music is a happening thing!! OH get out ttere and support live music, live music venues, local musicians....

2023- Booking now!!


Jan 13th- C.A.@ Amvets, Mt. Dora 6-9pm

Feb 11th - Caribbean Bay, 8-midnight

Feb 24th - C.A.@Amvets, Mt. Dora 6-9pm

Mar 3rd - C.A.@ VFW, Mt.Dora 7-10pm

Mar 9th - Boothill Saloon, Bikeweek Daytona 9:30pm

Mar 10th - Renegades, Crescent City  7-11pm

Mar 18th - Cassleberry's 9:30-1:30

Mar 25th - City Limits 7-11pm

April 1st - 9k9 - VFW, Mt Dora 2pm - 6pm

April 7th - C.A. @ Amvets, Mt. Dora 6-9pm

April 8th - Caribbean Bay, Winterhaven 8-mid

April 15th - First & Last Tab, Ocala 9-1am

April 21st - Crossroads, Eustis 9 - 1am

April 23rd - Saints & Sinners,1-6pm

April 28th - The Swamp- Leesburg Bikefest!! Noon -4pm

April 29th - The Swamp -Leesburg Bikefest 10:30 - Midnight

May 20th - Puddle Jumpers, Tavares 6-10pm

May 27th - C.A. @ Amvets, 6-9pm

May 28th -C.A. @ Fish Camp, 1-4pm

June 9th - Crossroads, Eustis 9- 1am

June 17th - Caribbean Bay, 2-6pm

June 25th - C.A. @ Puddle Jumpers 1-4

July 1st - C.A.@ Amvets, Mt. Dora 6-9pm

July 4th - 4th of July! @ Puddle Jumpers 5pm-9pm

July 8th - Saints & Sinners 1pm-5pm

July 14th - Renegades, Crescent City 7-11pm

July 22nd - First & Last Tab, Ocala 9-1am

July 28th - C.A.@ VFW, Mt. Dora 7-10pm

Aug 5th - Puddle Jumpers, Tavares 6-10

Aug 11th - C.A.@ Amvets, Mt. Dora 6-9

Aug 12th - Renegades, Crescent City, 7-11pm

Aug 19th - Caribbean Bay, 2-6pm

Aug 25th - Crossroads, Eustis 9 - 1am

Aug 27th - Saints & Sinners, Ormond 1pm-5pm

Sept. 2nd - Salt Springs

Sept 3rd -C.A.@ Fish Camp, 1-4pm

Sept 15th - Renegades, Crescent City 7-11pm

Sept 22d - C.A. @ Amvets 6-9pm

Sept 29th - C.A.@ VFW, Mt Dora 7-10pm

Sept 30th - Wingshack  8-Midnight

Oct 8th -Caribbean Bay 3-7pm

Oct 14th - Puddle Jumpers, Tavares 6-10

Oct 20th - Crossroads, Eustis 9 - 1am

Oct 22nd - Renegades, Crescent City 6-9pm

Oct 27th - C.A. @ VFW, Mt. Dora 7-10

Oct 28th - Cassleberry's  Patio Bar 9:30pm

Nov 4th - C.A.@ Amvets 6-9pm

Nov 5th - Saints & Sinners, Ormond 1-5pm

Nov 11th - Renegades, Crescent City 7-11pm

Dec 2nd - First & Last Tab, Ocala 9-1am

Dec 9th - Puddle Jumpers, Tavares 6-10

Dec 15th - Crossroads, Eustis 9 - 1am

Dec 22nd - C.A.@ Amvets 6-9pm

Dec 23rd - Cassleberry's Patio Bar 9:30pm

Dec 30th - Wingshack 8-Midnight


2024 - NEW YEAR-NEW SHOWS-2024 


Jan 13th- Casselberry's Patio Bar, Casselberry 9:30pm

Mar 16th - Casselberry's Patio Bar, Casselberry 9:30pm

May 18th- Casselberry's Patio Bar, Casselberry 9:30pm

July 13th -Casselberry's Patio Bar, Casselberry 9:30pm

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