Meet the Band...

We have a female singer!


// drums

Rich  Elkins -

Sorry Animal, you've been replaced.  In the pocket, might eat the sticks, not sure yet. Giving it up on any given Sunday.



// bass 


Chris Dryden -

He's totally not right, HA! But he plays a mean bass!! (Don't let him redo your kitchen...j/s)



// lead guitar&vocals

Michael Rettig -

Smokes the fret board.

Great 2nd lead vocals

Hubby to Cate

Always ready with the coin check! 



// lead vocals&guitar

Cate Rettig -

Lead singer, powerhouse vocals. 2nd guitar. Jager bombs?


Occasionally, we will have one of our sound techs with us. They are both equally gifted, Hannah may be a little cuter (oh! Don't tell Billy - he thnks he's the pretty one)...All kidding aside, we love these two peeps!

Meet Billy Gibson // Sound Tech

The Guru! Makes us sound great! Awesome tech, great guy, good friend! So happy to have him with us! 

And did we mention he's one Hell of a drummer!

Meet Hannah Herzog // Sound Engineer

Hanna is an amazing young lady! We are blessed with good fortune to have her work with us, when she isn't on tour with Rockville or some other major event.