September Dogs Music Videos!


      Yes, we know. We need new videos!! C19 just hampered and hindered everything! New vids are on our to do list. We have some made by audience participants, and if we can find a few with decent audio, we'll post them. Patience....Listen Linda... 

                                         These videos taken from Leesburg Bikefest recording @ The Main Stage, Saturday.

The final mix of audio/visual was done by Bruce Marcho and Video Craft Pro Inc. for the Leesburg Partnership. Thanks so much Bruce!

The videographer went sideways, close your eyes, or tilt your head!. 

       Whats Up cover (4 Non Blondes 

In The Air Tonight cover (P.Collins/NonPoint)

Adding a few YouTube Videos......check back for more
         Scroll down - Frampton's Talk Box Solo....
Leesburg Bikefest 2018- piece of Make Me Wanna Die by Pretty Reckless
Leesburg Bikefest 2018- Talk Box Solo Frampton- Do You Feel
All Star - Halloween