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September Dogs
A Message from all of us...

 Some recent news -All of our shows at Casselberry's have been cancelled,  as have a handful of other bands, or so we were told. I have written, edited, deleted and rewritten....SMH.... I want to say so much more, but I won't. 

Other news - 9k9 bassist Brian Jones is in the hospital and we'll let you know when he will return to the stage. It's not minor, but not major, and he'll be fine in a very short time, but his arm is out of commission, so he will sit out the next few shows.

On another note - We have new shows @ Tavares Dog House, Franks Place in Leesburg (no they didn't sell - rumors) and Magical Meat, Mt. Dora. The show must go on! Look for us! Thank you all so much for supporting us, live music, and live music venues. Much love to All. ~ 9k9 

Saturday, Jan 27th - Saints & Sinners Pub

It was a great day!! Lots of people rocking with September Dogs! 

Friday, Feb 2nd  - Chasing Alice @ Amvets

It was a great day!! Lots of people rocking with September Dogs! 

Saturday, Feb 10th - Chasing Alice, VFW. Mt. Dora

We love our Veteran's Clubs! Much respect to those that have served! 

Chasing Alice Duet will be playing 6pm-9pm....Join us!! 

Saturday, Feb 17th - Shovelhead Lounge

CANCELLED - Bassist Brian Jones is in the hospital. Mario Cortez-Lopez, Rafel Nieves, both had prior commitments. Chris was out of country, and Keith B....learning all of our songs in 2 days was a huge ask, but you are a gentleman and a scholar for offering!! You keep the list just in case! We'll keep you updated on Brian Jones. 

Friday Feb 23rd - Crossroads 44

September Dogs @ Crossroads. You know the place, over there in Eustis....join us! 9pm - 1am

Saturday, Mar 2nd DOUBLE HEADER!

First up - 2nd Annual Chili Cook Off! 11am-3pm @ VFW Mt.Dora

Second up -  Magical Meat in downtown Mt.Dora 9pm - Midnight

Rock on Mutha Fuckas

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