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September      Dogs

Atmosphere (Shinedown) 1:06

Crazy (Cee Lo Green) 1:38

Get Lucky (Daft Punk) 1:15

In The Air Tonight  1:24


Figure It Out (Royal Blood) 1:36

I'm America(Cilver)1:12

recorded@Leesburg Bikefest courtesy of Bruce Marcho & Video Craft Pro Inc. 

Do You Feel~part 1 (P.Frampton) 1:36

Do You Feel~part 2-(talkbox Solo) 4:40

Closer (Nine Inch Nails) 6:26

This Is Gonna Hurt (Sixx AM) 1:28

Original Prankster (Offspring) 1:25

September Dogs, formerly known as,(and on a rare occasion still posing as), Mad Hadder Band. We wanted to get a sampling of our music out there, to everyone visiting this site, so we started recording our live shows several months ago. Here is a gathering of "snippets"; little bits to listen to. These are all cover tunes, so we've listed the original artist as well as the length of each soundbyte.We suggest you give it a listen with headphones or on a device with good speakers. We hope you enjoy! peace out!

September Dogs Audio Clips! Listen!

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