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*****We recommend listening on a device with good speakers or with headphones.

September      Dogs

Crazy (Cee Lo Green) 1:38

Figure It Out (Royal Blood) 1:36

Do You Feel~part 1 (P.Frampton) 1:36

Do You Feel~part 2-(talkbox Solo) 4:40

In The Air Tonight  1:24


Closer (Nine Inch Nails) 6:26

We really need to get some new recordings up for all of you, but for now, we hope these will do...

peace, lov, rock and  roll, sign language, september dogs

September Dogs ~ Once upon a time we were known as Mad Hadder Band. These snippets are older now, and yes we still do these songs, but our set list has most definitely evolved. And while we promise, we are absolutely trying to get some new audio for you to enjoy, we have been busy.                                                                                                          On another note, we are reconsidering  going back to Mad Hadder. Thoughts? 

September Dogs Audio Clips! Listen!
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