*****We recommend listening on a device with good speakers or with headphones.

September      Dogs

Crazy (Cee Lo Green) 1:38

Figure It Out (Royal Blood) 1:36

Do You Feel~part 1 (P.Frampton) 1:36

Do You Feel~part 2-(talkbox Solo) 4:40

In The Air Tonight  1:24


Closer (Nine Inch Nails) 6:26

I'm America(Cilver)1:12

recorded@Leesburg Bikefest courtesy of Bruce Marcho & Video Craft Pro Inc. 

We're gathering some new recordings for you to listen to.....can't wait!

September Dogs, formerly known as Mad Hadder Band. We wanted to get a sampling of our music out there, to everyone visiting this site, so we started recording our live shows. Here is a gathering of "snippets"; little bits to listen to. We have added new songs to our set list and will make some of those available too. These are all cover tunes, so we've listed the original artist as well as the length of each sound bite. We suggest you give it a listen with headphones or on a device with good speakers. We hope you enjoy! peace out!

September Dogs Audio Clips! Listen!